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Associate Professor Carl Walkley

Associate Professor Carl Walkley

Associate Professor (Honorary Principal Fellow), Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor, ACU

A/Prof Carl Walkley graduated with a B. Pharm (Hons), The University of South Australia and a PhD in Medicine, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and University of Melbourne. He undertook postdoctoral studies at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Children’s Hospital Boston in Stuart Orkin’s laboratory. He returned to Australia and established the Cancer and RNA Laboratory at St Vincent’s Institute in 2008.

Carl’s primary research focus is one the role of RNA processing in normal blood cell development and in cancer. He has a long standing interest in the establishment of models of human cancer for preclinical discovery, focussing on myelodysplastic syndrome and osteosarcoma. His recent research has been concerned with understanding how RNA_ editing by ADAR enzymes contribute to homeostasis and immune response. His laboratory at the St Vincent’s Institute employs a wide range of techniques from biochemistry, genome-wide screens and high-throughput sequencing through to genetically modified mouse models to understand the role of RNA modifications and processing in health and disease.


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