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Shepparton MODERN Study Clinic

Diabetes is often unrecognised; you may be on the cusp of having this condition or other risk factors linked to heart disease and stroke and don’t know about it.

Heart attacks cause the most number of deaths in Australia and people living in regional communities have greater risk. To help prevent the onset of diabetes or cardiovascular disease (mainly heart attack and stroke), the MacKillop Institute for Health Research is conducting a study to assess the benefits of nurse-led care in reducing risk factors.

Participation requires 3 to 7 visits over 2 years to monitor your health. If you are aged 40-70 years and don’t have a history of cardiovascular disease or any other serious condition, you are invited to make an appointment for a free health assessment to participate in our life-saving research. Participation is voluntary and all information collected is strictly confidential. The MODERN research study is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia and has ethics approval.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at:

Shepparton MODERN Study Clinic
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Phone: (03) 5823 0100