Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

CRE to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease


Professor Simon Stewart leads a team of international experts, program coordinators, and hospital-based research nurses and call-centre staff in conducting research and providing services aimed at reducing inequality in heart disease treatment. This is achieved by focusing on the full scope of heart disease, from primary prevention to chronic disease management of those already affected.

Research Assistant Nurses

  • Elizabeth Fitzgerald

  • Elyn Montgomery

  • Dr Phillip Newton

  • Georgia Stephenson

  • Tania Stewart

National Heart Foundation Call Centre

  • Mary Barry

    Heart Foundation Chief Executive
  • Amanda Rischbieth

    Heart Foundation SA division Chief Executive
  • Angela Denton

    Director of Business Development
  • John Coles

    Health Information Centre Call Centre Team Manager
  • Janine Kinsman

    Senior Heart Health Professional (HHP)/Cardiac Nurse
  • Janet Steike

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse
  • Anne White

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse
  • Linda Copland

    HHP/Cardiac Technologist
  • Marilyn Finlay

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse
  • Helen Bousfield

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse
  • Helen Jones

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse
  • Natalie Valgimigli

    HHP/Cardiac Nurse

Data Management

PhD Candidates

  • Zulfah Albertyn

  • Gabrielle Diplock

  • Jordan Loader

  • Marc Remond

  • Anne Russell

  • Frances Taylor

Administrative Staff