Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

Dr Catherine Connaughton

Dr Catherine Connaughton

Research Fellow
Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing Research Program

Dr Catherine Connaughton is an early career researcher and health psychologist who moved to specialise in clinical osteoporosis research in January 2017. Since then she has developed a particular interest in supporting a person-centered approach to fracture management, patient outcomes following fracture such quality of life, as well as medication adherence to prevent further osteoporotic fracture. These are all areas which Catherine’s expertise in psychology will continue to highlight areas needing further research within the Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing Team.

Catherine is the Chief Investigator on the successful Amgen/Osteoporosis Clinical Grant 2017 for her grant which utilises her strength in biostatistics and interest in health-related outcomes for patients. Her past clinical and research experiences in health and clinical psychology offer a unique perspective to musculoskeletal research. This is particularly salient given the rising burden of disease of osteoporosis, which emphasises the need for prevention through positive behaviour change strategies.

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