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Landmark Nature Reviews Cardiology publication


In a ground-breaking study recently published in Nature Reviews Cardiology, the Mary MacKillop’s Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease led by Professor Simon Stewart has provided the most comprehensive and up-to-date profile of the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease across the entire African continent.

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for almost half of all deaths worldwide with the majority of these deaths occurring in low‑to‑middle income countries. In 2013, an estimated 1 million deaths were attributable to cardiovascular disease in sub-Saharan Africa alone, which constituted 5.5% of all global cardiovascular disease-related deaths and 11.3% of all deaths in Africa. This study provides a contemporary picture of the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in Africa, highlighting key regional discrepancies among populations, emphasising what is currently known and, more importantly, what is still unknown about the cardiovascular disease burden among the over 1 billion people living on the African continent.

The success of interventions designed to reduce the evolving and increasing burden of cardiovascular disease across the heterogeneous communities living on the African continent is dependent upon accurate and up‑to‑date epidemiological data on the cardiovascular profile of every major populace and region. The detailed contemporary picture of cardiovascular disease across Africa provided in this publication will make an essential contribution to the success of these strategies.

Download is available (free until 10 May 2017) at

‘Cardiovascular disease in Africa: epidemiological profile and challenges’
Ashley K. Keates, Ana O. Mocumbi, Mpiko Ntsekhe, Karen Sliwa and Simon Stewart

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