Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

Exercise Metabolism Symposium


ACU played a lead role at the Second Exercise Metabolism Symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden this week, organised by Professor John Hawley from the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research together with colleagues from the Karolinska Institute and the Cell Metabolism Journal. The Cell Metabolism journal focuses on physiology, with an emphasis on understanding the molecular basis of how the body self-regulates in the face of change, and how disturbances in these balances can lead to disease.

Professor Hawley presented the latest ACU research looking at whether exercise /mimetics (exercise in a pill) can ever replace the real thing. Cell Metabolism has dedicated the cover of its special May issue to the Symposium, with a full colour action montage of many of the symposium speakers, including Professor Hawley, practicing what they preach.

Symposium abstracts and articles, including contributions from ACU Exercise and Nutrition researchers Dr Trine Moholdt, Dr Nolan Hoffman, Dr Donny Camera, Professor Luc van Loon and Dr Will Smiles are available from the Cell Symposia website.




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