Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

2017 ESC Heart Failure Congress

Professor Simon Stewart, Director of The MacKillop, recently presented the findings of the WHICH II trial in a Late Breaking Trial Session at the ESC Heart Failure 2017 Congress, held in Paris from 29 April to 2 May.

The multicenter randomised WHICH II trial sought to determine if an intensified form of heart failure management programme (INT-HF-MP) based on individual profiling is superior to standard management (SM) in reducing health care costs during 12-month follow-up. Overall, 787 patients, typically older and clinically complex, discharged from four tertiary hospitals with chronic HF were randomised to SM or INT-HF-MP. The trial concluded that at 12 months there was no difference in health outcomes or total health care costs for the INT-HF-MP versus SM group. These outcomes highlight the challenge in managing clinically complex patients and the need for a focus on multimorbidity in heart failure and better targeting of at-risk patients.

Professor Stewart was interviewed by Cardiac Failure Review immediately following his presentation, to discuss the findings and implications of the WHICH II trial outcomes for clinical practice and future research. The interview can be viewed at

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