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Participants wanted for world-first 24 hour trial


Does the time you eat affect your health?

Are you male? Aged 30 – 45 years? Overweight? Or do you know someone who is?

The Centre for Exercise and Nutrition are recruiting for a world-first 24 hour trial investigating how the timing of meals affects health and metabolism.

The body’s natural circadian clock is regulated by night and day cycles, temperature, dietary intake and physical activity. Disruptions to the daily patterns of meal composition and timing are associated with the development of metabolic diseases. The influence of changing the time of dietary intake on the circadian clock in humans is currently unknown. This project will determine the effects of unrestricted feeding of a high-fat diet on the normal circadian rhythm compared to time-restricted feeding of the same high-fat diet.

Eligible participants will each receive ten days of food provided at no cost, remuneration provided for participation, an individual metabolic health profile, as well as the opportunity to assist in advancing medical research.

The study involves attending the laboratory at ACU’s Melbourne Campus on five occasions, involving two x 24 hour laboratory stays, blood sampling, muscle biopsies, and measurements of body composition, dietary intake and physical activity patterns.

If you are interested please contact Miss Bridget Radford (Research Assistant) for more information:
Phone: 03 9230 8284


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