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Participants wanted for exercise and protein study


The Centre for Exercise and Nutrition, are investigating the effects of high levels of fat in the blood on muscle growth responses to exercise and protein feeding. This is a highly-innovative project that seeks to determine whether exercise can ‘rescue’ muscle tissue from the potentially harmful effects excess dietary fat has on the potential for muscles to grow.

Who can participate?

  • Overweight males (BMI ~25-32)
  • Aged 35-55 years
  • Not currently exercising consistently
  • Non-diabetic, non-smokers.

You will undergo two visits to ACU:

  • Visit 1 – Baseline testing (~1.5 hrs)
    – Body composition (DXA) assessment
    – Cardiovascular fitness (VO2max) and muscle strength tests
  • Visit 2 – Experimental trial day (~10 hrs)
    – 3 muscle biopsies from the outer thigh
    – Blood samples
    – Infusions of intralipid (fat) and amino acids (to measure muscle growth)
    – Exercise

Benefits to participation
In addition to receiving financial reimbursement for your participation, you will also gain valuable insight into your health based on your body composition (DXA) and fitness assessment results.

The Centre for Exercise and Nutrition, ACU (St. Patrick’s Campus, Fitzroy) Melbourne

Will Smiles
PhD Student
Centre for Exercise and Nutrition
Ph: 0415 377 469

Ethics number 2016-53H

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