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PhD Candidate wins prestigious Endeavour Scholarship

Jordan Loader

Jordan Loader, PhD Candidate supported by the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease, (Principal Supervisor Dr Christian Lorenzen, School of Exercise Science), has been awarded a prestigious 2016 Endeavour Scholarship. Administered by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, the Scholarship is offered to high-achieving individuals to support the internationalisation of the Australian research sector. Mr Loader’s research aims to investigate the mechanisms of vascular dysfunction at macro- and microvascular levels in environments of acute and chronic hyperglycemia, specifically focusing on the role of nitric oxide bioavailability. He is currently performing a 12-month Research Fellowship at Harvard University, Boston and will use the Scholarship to extend his research to France. Mr Loader recently had his candidature confirmed at Australian Catholic University, and was commended for his excellent progress.

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