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MMIHR researcher finalist for top award

Jocasta new
Mary MacKillop Institute researcher Dr Jocasta Ball is one of five finalists for the Bupa Emerging Health Researcher Award.

Dr Ball has been awarded $5,000 for being a finalist, and is in the running to win a further $20,000. The award winner will be announced on 18th November at a cocktail party hosted by Research Australia.

“I will be appearing in a video discussing the research I have been involved in. In addition, Bupa will be giving a significant amount of media attention to the MacKillop Institute,” Dr Ball said.

“This award nomination means that the research I am involved in is meaningful and relevant to improving the health outcomes of individuals with cardiovascular disease. As an early career researcher, this funding will allow me to gain independence and forge a pathway of investigating my own research areas of interest.

“I will have the potential to obtain pilot data that may be the basis for future funding proposals for larger scale projects. In addition, I will have the opportunity to attend networking events and create new collaborations, leading to new research opportunities.”

Dr Ball said the award nomination demonstrates the high quality research being conducted at the MacKillop Institute.

“I am proud to be one of the inaugural post-doctoral researchers within the MacKillop Institute and be under the mentorship of internationally renowned researchers such as Professor Simon Stewart,” she said.

Professor Stewart, Institute Director said it is imperative for the sustainability of the Institute to support early to mid-career researchers like Dr Ball. The support of the Institute will allow researchers to gain independence and establish their own pathway, including building their own team and gaining competitive funding.

“In this way we will not only attract the brightest and best health researchers but develop the next generation of research leaders within the MacKillop,” Professor Stewart said.

“I’m immensely proud of Jocasta for having achieved success so early in her career and have no doubt this reflects a bright research future.”

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