Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

Mentoring and supporting heart research in Mozambique


During a recent to visit to Africa to fulfill his duties as a Member of the Pan-Africa Society of Cardiology’s Task Force on Heart Failure, Professor Simon Stewart (Director of the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research) met with Professor Ana Mocumbi and her team from the National Health Institute, Mozambique (see photo above) to discuss plans for a mentorship and support program for her early career researchers and a new initiative to monitor and respond to the emergence of non-communicable forms of heart disease in Mozambique. This low-income country of approximately 24 million people situated along the south-east coast of the Africa continent has many health challenges: particularly given the enormous size of the country, low resources and a heterogeneous and widely dispersed population.

Consistent with the mission of the MacKillop Institute’s mantra to “never see a need without doing something about it”, Professor Stewart and his team are proud to support Professor Mocumbi and her team in their efforts to improve health outcomes in their country. Professor Stewart has previously collaborated with Professor Mocumbi (a dynamic cardiologist and researcher with a particular interest in paediatric health) on a number of initiatives, including analyses of the Heart of Soweto Study data and establishing a pan-African registry of pulmonary hypertension.

As part of the collaboration, Professor Stewart will be a regular visitor to Mozambique, provide travel support and mentorship to Professor Mocumbi’s team and undertake joint research activities.

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